Bloke dies after snapping neck trying to jump station turnstiles in horror CCTV

A man has died after he broke his neck in a freak accident while trying to jump the turnstiles at a subway station.

Christopher De La Cruz, 28, tragically passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning after he tried to jump over the ticket barrier at the Forest Hills-71st Avenue train station in Queens, New York, the New York Post reports.

Security footage shows the 28-year-old trying to jump over a turnstile after he entered the station, but he initially falls and appears to drop his phone in the process.

De La Cruz, who was wearing a rucksack, then stumbles back briefly before regaining his composure and trying to hop over another turnstile three times.

On the final attempt, De La Cruz can be seen hoisting himself up, but loses his balance and flips over the barrier, before coming crashing down onto his head and breaking his neck.

The disturbing footage showed the tragic victim lying motionless between the turnstiles immediately afterwards.

Emergency services arrived swiftly on the scene, but were unable to save De La Cruz, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to police, he was “attempting to evade the fare” when the horror unfolded.

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In 2019, a similarly sickening video captured the moment a professional acrobat attempting a double somersault broke his neck.

Horror footage of the incident saw Akheget Valitov, from Ufa, Russia, preparing to run into the stunt in a padded athletic centre.

He cartwheeled before lunging into the air and performing the first somersault.

As he attempted to spin into the second roll he landed onto his neck, seeing his legs land over his head.

He was taken to intensive care and after a month of treatment, regained some movement in his left side.

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