Bloke fumes as airline forces him to give up seat for mum and crying baby

A man has fumed online after an airline "almost forcefully" made him give up his seat for a mother and her crying baby on a 10-hour transatlantic flight.

The man posted a rant on Reddit, saying that he and his partner had purposely booked bulkhead seats so that they could have extra room on their long flight.

Despite paying extra for these seats, he said that he received an email a few days before the flight telling him that he and his partner would be moved a few rows back.

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He expanded: “Mmm what?? We got downgraded but we paid extra for those seats??

“So naturally we were both upset and instantly called the airline support… which took two hours of waiting.”

The unnamed man said that he was eventually told that the mother and child needed the seats.

“We booked these tickets MONTHS ago and they wanted to just give them to a mom and a crying baby… that’s gonna be on my plane now??" he said.

“Also this is a 10-hour plane ride btw it’s not like a short trip why would this mom bring her baby anyway.”

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The man said that airline staff told him the mother needed “easy access to the bathrooms” and “to put her baby bed in front and all that".

“After a lot of back and forth we got upgraded seats; not first class but good seats with ‘the same legroom’,” he said.

“I don’t know, I just got so p***** – why is a mother travelling with such a young child? Why did they act like I was the crazy one for not wanting to give up our seats we paid for to a ’helpless mother’ who needs it?” he concluded.


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