Bloke has two toes amputated and has 30 operations after bitten by mosquito

A man had two toes amputated and went through over 30 operations after being bitten by a mosquito.

Sebastian Rotschke, 27, was admitted to an intensive care unit and spent four weeks in a coma after he was bitten by an Asian tiger mosquito.

The 27-year-old had blood poisoning and was placed in the coma, in Roedermark, Germany, according to local media.

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Sebastian suffered from a whole host of issues including suffering from liver, kidney, heart and lung failure at various moments.

He was even forced to undergo skin transplant to his thigh after being bitten in the summer of 2021 as an abscess had formed on his left thigh.

Sebastian said: "I haven't been abroad. The bite must have happened here."

Experts in Germany have recently warned the about the spread of the Asian tiger mosquito in the Rhein-Main region with Sebastian first suffering from flu-like symptoms once he became sick.

He added: "Then the pure escalation began. I became bedridden, barely made it to the bathroom, had a fever, couldn't eat. I thought it was coming to an end.

"Suddenly I saw that my grey sweatpants were completely soaked. All of a sudden, a huge abscess had formed on my left thigh."

A tissue sample had showed that a bacteria called Serratia marcescens had eaten away half of his thigh as he said that his chances of survival were not high.

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"The doctors very quickly guessed that the Asian tiger mosquito bite was the cause of the whole thing and called in a specialist," he said.

After having over 30 operations and two of his toes were partially amputated, Sebastian remains on sick leave but has said he's "fine so far".

He warned others as he said: "Go to the doctor in good time – it’s better to have one too many than too few. Even a small sting can become fatal!"


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