Bloke makes amazing recovery after breaking every bone in face in horror fall

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A bloke has made an amazing recovery after he broke every bone in his face when he accidentally fell from a three storey balcony.

Justin Starks, a 24-year-old software engineer, landed on his chin after a horrifying fall that miraculously left him with no brain damage or skull fractures.

His fall left him with breaks to all 14 facial bones, including his nasal bones, palatine bones and mandible.

The California resident, who is originally from Georgia, said doctors were "extremely shocked" at how much damage Starks had received, despite there being no fractures to his skull.

Starks said: "While I do not remember the impact, I do know that I landed on my chin.

"I know that because my chin split open and reverberated throughout the rest of my face and broke literally every single bone in my face; my jaw on both sides, my nasal bone.

"The doctors were extremely shocked to see the damage to my face, but specifically, the fact I had no fractures to my skull at all."

Justin had to endure two face-saving surgeries, with a third scheduled for later this year.

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Starks, who says he doesn't remember the fall or the pain endured in fracturing every bone in his face, began his road to recovery in December 2021.

Doctors fused Starks' jaw together, which resulted in changing his eating habits to "broth and water" so that he didn't need to chew food ahead of his second surgery, a main round of reconstructive procedures.

After the second surgery, the left side of Starks' face swelled up, which he says left him with some insecurities.

He said: "I used to consider myself a pretty attractive guy and to go out and look in a mirror and see my face swollen and puffy and not what I wanted it to be."

Starks added that once the third and final surgery is complete, he will be on his way to feeling "one hundred percent normal."

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