Bloke who lost part of skull in on work night out sues bosses for £200k

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A bloke who had part of his skull removed after an accident on a work night out claims his former employer owes him money because he was being egged on to drink beer as quickly as possible, with his performance ranked by superiors.

Michael Brockie, 28, fell while out with colleagues from PricewaterhouseCoopers in Reading in April 2019 and was left in a coma.

He says he still has “cognitive symptoms” from the accident and is demanding £200k from the auditing firm.

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Mr Brockie’s lawyers have presented his claim to the High Court where he is arguing that PricewaterhouseCoopers are liable for the negligence of the Reading office auditing department manager Simon Fradgley, who arranged the night out.

The raucous night out that ended up with Mr Brockie having part of his skull removed was part of a pub “golf game” where nine pubs in Reading were referred to as “holes”.

Mr Brockie said he was so drunk during the night out that he had no memory of what happened after 10pm.

He was found in the street with head injuries after falling over.

He told ITV last year: "Doctors and the police came to the conclusion that I fell over and didn’t use my hands to break the fall so I ended up hitting my head on the floor.

"The next thing I remember was four weeks later."

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It is alleged in court documents that Mr Fradgley “failed to take reasonable care for the safety of co-workers,” reported the Financial Times.

Mr Brockie did return to work in October, 2019, carrying out a part-time role and was promoted to a managerial position in the Reading office in January this year.

PwC are also reported to have cancelled their annual drinking event which had been running for around seven years.

"We are unable to comment on the specifics of a matter that is subject to ongoing legal proceedings. As a responsible employer we are committed to providing a safe, healthy and inclusive culture for all of our people," said PwC in a statement, reported the Daily Mail.

"We also expect anyone attending social events to be responsible and to ensure their own safety and that of others."

PwC has been contacted for comment.


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