Bloke with ‘Beast’ tattoo on head on the run finally caught by police

A criminal with a "Beast" tattoo on his forehead who was on the run for a fortnight has finally been captured by police.

Jaimes Sutton, whose graffiti-like "Beast" tattoo etched across his forehead makes him stand out rather significantly, was tracked down by police, who have now arrested him.

The 24-year-old was tracked down to a home in New South Wales, Australia, just days after updating his Facebook profile to a photo of himself with the lower half of his face obscured.

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Police have now arrested Sutton after a public call for help, which was relentlessly mocked by the community as they pointed out Sutton may be easier to spot than most.

Posting his mugshot in a post appealing for help, police were ridiculed by members of the public who levelled the post with a series of sarcastic replies.

One user wrote: "Keep your eyes open for this man. He'll be extremely hard to spot in a crowd."

Another user joked: "I'm gonna need a description if you want my help to find him."

Despite the mocking comments, it would appear Sutton, who was wanted after skipping a court date for charges of domestic violence assault and property damage, has now been found.

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The 24-year-old, who was wanted on two outstanding warrants, was also mocked by social media comments, who noted his questionable and unique tattoo.

One Twitter post read: "“When your toddler gets hold of a permanent marker."

Another joked that the ink Sutton showed off in his mugshot and social media posts "reminds me of doing a poster in primary school."

Despite the permanent marker appearance for Sutton, the 24-year-old has now found himself back in police custody and refused bail, with a scheduled court appearance set, New York Post reported.

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