Blow for Biden as several leaders snub POTUS and boycott Summit of the Americas

President Biden pleads for Congress to act on gun control

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The 9th Summit of the Americas began in Los Angeles on Monday and is expected to discuss topics such as immigration, climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. The conference occurs every three to four years and it is the first time a city in the United States has hosted the event.

The conference occurs every three to four years and it is the first time a city in the United States has hosted the event.

The guest list has been rocked by boycotts after Biden’s administration refused to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed on Monday that he would not be attending the convention in an act of protest.

Washington stated that the reasons behind leaving them out was a “lack of democratic space” and “human rights situations”.

The White House Press Secretary said: “At the end of the day, to your questions, we just don’t believe dictators should be invited.

“We don’t regret that, and the President will stand by his principle.”

Joe Biden had been hoping that the summit addressing regional migration and economic challenges will begin to repair the damage done by Donald Trump to Latin America relations.

The decision by the Mexican President to leave the job of attending the conference to regional leaders in LA was a blow to President Biden and his team who spent months convincing the President to attend. 

Other leaders who were due to attend the summit are following in the footsteps of President Obrador and sending lower-level officials to the event.

Officials noted their lack of concern over the attendance of lower-level delegates, saying it will not alter the result of the event.

A senior official said: “We really do expect that the participation will not be in any way a barrier to getting significant business done at the summit.

“In fact, quite the opposite, we are very pleased with how the deliverables are shaping up and with other countries’ commitment to them.”

President Biden is due to arrive for the convention on Wednesday and the boycott of the event will continue to be prominent, which will concern those who do not wish the issues of the summit to be clouded.


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The boycott is also demonstrating Joe Biden’s lack of influence in the political sphere, particularly with the Americas which is struggling both politically and economically, experts have stated.

The reasons behind Biden’s lack of an invitation directly conflicts with the planned visit to Saudi Arabia over the energy crisis despite its human rights record.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called Saudi Arabia an “important partner”, though the US President previously said it must be made a “pariah”.

The White House confirmed that 23 heads of state will be present at the Summit including the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro who will be meeting President Biden for the first time.

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