Bodybuilder’s honeymoon with sex doll after divorcing his first silicone spouse

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A bodybuilder has jetted off on a honeymoon after dumping his sex doll wife for two new silicone sweethearts – leaving fellow holidaymakers baffled by his choice of partner.

Yuri Tolochko, 37, from Kazakhstan, took the favourite of his two new bizarre brides, Luna, to a luxury hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia, where – much to the surprise of fellow patrons – they insisted on being treated just like any other couple and even enjoyed meals together in the open-air restaurant there.

Yuri shared one video selfie of the couple having lunch together, where a waiter served them up a delicious meal for two.

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Luna is then pictured with a cup of coffee perched precariously on her lap.

The spoilt doll was even treated to a shopping trip where Yuri bought her a striking new blue-green wig and new outfits.

Yuri has been amazed at the warm welcome he and his new bride have received, and said some even find the pair sexy.

He said: "This is a very beautiful city. The city combines beautiful old buildings and stunning nature.

"Some had a huge sexual interest [in us].

"We were photographed, filmed on camera. I was interviewed by local TV.

"Several times I exposed Luna's breasts and kissed her in front of people. They were very surprised.

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"In general, I like it when Luna and I give people joy, make a holiday for them."

He added: "It seems to me that people there are more focused on local news and do not always follow what is happening in the world, while in Slovakia, on the contrary, they closely follow world news."

And the bodybuilder was keen to praise his new wife, who he showed off throughout the streets of Slovakia.

"It may seem strange but Luna has her own character," he explained.

"When she doesn't like something, she becomes uncomfortable."

Yuri and Luna may have caused a flutter for the people of Slovakia, but he also admitted that he got to probe his own kinks during the romantic trip, and even admitted to sniffing men's urinals to get his kicks.

He admitted: "I shot dirty videos, I sat naked in the men's public toilet."

Although the trip was a success, the pair had a close call at airport security when airport officials found his sex toys in his hand luggage – something he said "constantly raised questions".

Yuri is no stranger to dating inanimate objects – one of his exes is a metal ashtray.

And after divorcing his last sex doll wife, Yuri took two new plastic partners to fill the void in his life.

But Lola, the second sex doll who was left at home, apparently wasn't happy to be excluded from the trip.

He said: "To be honest, Lola is very unhappy that so much attention is paid to Luna, she does not talk about it, but she is very unhappy.

"In addition to traveling, there are many posts on Instagram where there is me and Luna [but not Lola].

"I don't want her to be offended."

In an effort to make it up to the snubbed wife, Yuri made a new video with her when he and Luna returned from Bratislava.


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