Bone-chilling Siberian blast to smash UK as snow hits this weekend

BBC Weather: Temperatures to 'drop substantially' warns Taylor

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The UK will be smashed by a bitterly cold sub-zero Siberian blast this weekend that will send temperatures plunging and likely bring with it early December snow.The latest weather maps from WXCHARTS show minimum temperatures plummeting tomorrow morning, falling to freezing in Wales and just a couple of degrees more in surrounding areas including London, the Midlands, southern and northwest England as the cold weather bites.

The mercury will edge up only slightly throughout the afternoon but will again plunge again heading into the evening, with lows of 1C in Wales, 2C in a region of Northern England and just 3C between London and the Midlands.

But on Saturday morning, the brutal deep freeze really begins to bite, with lows of -1C forecast in much of Northern England and Wales struggling to hover above freezing throughout the rest of the UK.

An area of Wales turns icy blue during the early part of the afternoon and into the evening, with minimum temperatures continuing to break through the freezing barrier across Britain. The bitterly cold front continues into Sunday as the mercury could plunge below in parts of Scotland and nudging just a few degrees higher throughout the UK for most of that day.

This Siberian blast will trigger early snowfall this winter, with the latest charts WXCharts showing snow falling in Scotlandby midday on Saturday. 

This band of snow builds and expands throughout the day,with 1cm falling in the evening in a central region of the country. 

This snowfall continues into Sunday morning, with some also forecast for an area of northern England and northern Wales.  

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tony Zartman warned high pressure is building from Siberia westward across Russia that will hit the UK this weekend.

He said high temperatures could plunge to near freezing across a large area of the UK and temperatures many places dropping below freezing at night.

Mr Zartman told “High pressure has been building from Siberia westward across Russia and into northeast Europe and will continue to build west across the remainder of northern Europe into the UK this weekend.

“This will bring the coldest weather so far this season by this weekend, which could last through at least much of next week.

“This weekend through much of next week will see high temperatures of only 0-5C across a large portion of the UK with temperatures remaining below 0C across the higher ground. Many places will drop down to freezing or below freezing at night.”

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said there could be wintry showers over higher ground in Wales, Scotland and Northern England, with the possibility of a “light dusting” elsewhere.

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He told this website: “Within the next few days we will see temperatures reach maximum daytime values of between 4-8C. Not especially cold for the start of meteorological winter, but perhaps a notable contrast to the above-average values we have experienced in recent weeks.

“This won’t be freezing air, but the colder air mass will be coming from south-eastern and eastern Europe. This is due to the influence of an area of high pressure which will become anchored over Scandinavia, encouraging the flow of air in a clockwise direction.”

Brian Gaze from The Weather Outlook wrote in his forecast today: “The meteorological winter starts today and through the coming days temperatures will be dipping as an easterly flow pulls in colder air from continental Europe.

“During Saturday outbreaks of rain and hill snow push into western Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the eastern half of Britain showers develop and over high ground they turn wintry. Cold.

“Sunday is looking cold. In central and northern eastern parts of the UK there will be showers and over the hills they increasingly fall as sleet or snow. The south should be dry and bright. Feeling cold.”

Netweather Senior Forecaster Jo Farrow wrote in her latest forecast: “There are signs on some weather models for a flow of colder air from the north towards the UK.

“Next week high pressure builds over Greenland, there will be a low over the Baltic Sea and the Scandi High slips southeast over Russia. This set up will channel cold Arctic air towards the North Sea and UK, with snow showers for Scotland by the middle of next week from the north.”

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