Brave Brit driving his Ford Ranger into Ukraine to save pets from Putin’s bombs

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Brave Brit Nick Tadd is driving his truck into war-torn Ukraine to save the country’s terrified pets.

He originally set out on a mercy mission to get supplies to the people fleeing Putin’s bombs but witnessed another crisis unfolding – for the animals.

Now he has vowed to get as many out as possible and deliver life-saving aid to those still there.

Nick, 55, said: “I’ll stay here as long as I can do good. If the war continues, there are going to be more and more animals needing our help.”

Last Wednesday (March 2) Nick packed his Ford Ranger and trailer with nappies, baby food, bottles of water and sanitary products and drove to the Polish/Ukrainian border.

He planned to head home but was called by his wife Vanessa who had received a message from the Network for Animals charity appealing for supplies to help the pet refugees.

Desperate Ukrainians were handing their four-legged friends into overflowing animal shelters while many refused to flee if it meant leaving their animals behind.

Polish volunteers drive daily into Ukraine to deliver pet food and veterinary items to shelters and to bring animals to safety over the border.

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So property developer Nick, from Guildford, Surrey, headed more than 500km to the nearest big pet store he could find and loaded up with supplies.

Now he’s in Przemysl, a Polish city near the border with Ukraine where Network for Animals coordinates its operations from the Foundation ADA rescue shelter.

More than 1,000 injured and traumatised pets have already arrived – including a dog on Wednesday which Nick said had been “shot in the back by a Russian” and is fighting for life.

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Many animals are rigid with shock. Others scream in fear.

Those with broken bones and open wounds receive emergency medical attention – some can’t be saved. Animals that are fit enough are taken to other Polish rescue shelters to be fostered.

Nick said: “Sixty cats arrived in one convoy. They looked absolutely petrified. Then there’s Sasha, the week-old Pygmy goat, who is adorable, wandering round bossing everyone about.

"She doesn’t know she’s escaped a war zone – all she wants is cuddles and food.”

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Tomorrow (Friday) Nick is driving into Ukraine to bring more dogs and cats to Foundation ADA. He is also asking animal-loving Daily Star readers to donate to the fundraiser he’s set up.

He said: “We desperately need more vans to get more pets out. I’ve organised a fundraiser to buy another van and any money Daily Star readers can spare would make a huge difference to Ukraine’s pets and their families.”

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