Brave schoolboy, 16, saves homeless man after giving him CPR in street

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A brave teenager saved a homeless man’s life after giving him CPR when he stopped breathing.

Bradley Jacobsen, 16, went to check if the man was okay as he seemed to be having a fit in the street.

After realising he was in trouble the quick-thinking teen called 999 and performed CPR, the Liverpool Echo reports.

He admitted it was "scary" and he feared he would do it wrong, but eventually the homeless man was able to wake up thanks to his help.

Bradley had been on his way into Liverpool city centre to buy some new clothes when he saw the man struggling in the street.

The schoolboy went over to check on him, but when he realised the man had stopped breathing he sprung into action.

He said: "I saw this man who was having a fit or something and I just went over to see if he was okay and he was for a few minutes.

"But then he closed his eyes all of a sudden and stopped breathing."

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The quick-thinking teen called for an ambulance and was told he would need to perform CPR on the man, something he had never done before.

However with CPR instructions he was given by emergency services over the phone, incredibly he was able to revive the man.

The youngster, who admitted he found the incident upsetting, added: "I didn't know [how to do CPR], the ambulance crew just told me how to do it.

"When the paramedics arrived they took over, the man came to after treatment.

"He woke up afterwards, when the paramedics came he had oxygen in his nose.

"Afterwards I was just relieved that he was okay.

"It was really scary, I thought I was going to do it all wrong."

The man's condition, who is understood to have been taken to hospital, is not known.

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