Brit posted home from Australia in crate looking for men who nailed box shut

A man who posted himself home from Australia in a tiny wooden crate is now searching for the two men who nailed the box shut while helping him.

Brian Robson, then 19, decided to hatch a plan to return back to Wales in 1965 without paying for a £700 plane ticket – which was 17 times his monthly salary at the time.

The Victorian Railways worker convinced two Irishmen to stow him on a freight plane and now wants to find them again 60 years later, Mirror reports.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Brian said he wanted help to reconnect with the men who helped him carry out his daring plan.

He said: “I’m 99% sure that they were called Paul and John. Paul really was 100% against it … but John said, ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll persuade him.’

"And so, they both went ahead and helped.”

The man recalled his "quite horrific experience", which allegedly took five days and derailed off course so bad that he ended up in Los Angeles.

Brian, now 76, claims he took laxatives three days before his journey to make sure he didn't get caught out.

Inside the tiny box, Brian had only brought a "mini-fridge" sized box with a book of Beatles songs, suitcase and pillow.

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The two men booked Brian on to a Qantas flight from Melbourne to London but things went bad when the crate which held Brian was transferred to a PanAm flight.

This led to Brian heading to L.A. instead of London and found himself locked in a freight shed for five days – too weak to hammer himself out.

In a crazy luck bit of luck, an unsuspecting man “looked through a hole in a wood knot in the chest and we caught each other eye to eye”, Brian told the BBC. “He jumped back a mile and said, ‘There’s a body in there.’”

Brian had to spend five days recovering in hospital and was heavily questioned by the FBI.

He was eventually allowed to fly on a passenger jet back to the UK without any legal action against him.

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