‘Britain’s hardest man’ punched tattooed ‘ex-con’ so hard he broke his own hands

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    A fearsome bareknuckle fighter dubbed "Britain's hardest man" punched so hard he once broke his own hands.

    Lenny McLean's notoriety throughout the 1980s spread so far that the likes of Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman once asked for his autograph.

    As well as rubbing shoulders with the likes of the Kray twins, Lenny was also happy to take anyone on inside the ring – even offering fights to SAS soldiers and The A-Team's Mr T. Neither came to fruition.

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    But one of his most memorable bouts came against a massive Scotsman named Jock, who was “tattooed from a***hole to breakfast time” and "definitely looked like an ex-con".

    The bruiser had “KILL” and “DETH” inked across his knuckles, and a dotted line on his throat that said “cut here”.

    During the fight, recounted on Let Them Fight: A Comedy History podcast, Lenny let Jock hit him about a dozen times.

    He then unleashed a mighty blow onto the Scotsman’s ear, “causing half of it to flap down”.

    “Blood was leaking everywhere,” Lenny recalled. Jock countered with a couple of low blows, one of which connected with Lenny’s penis. Lenny said he knew he’d be “p***ing loud corners for a week” after that one.

    So after that, all bets were off. Lenny kicked Jock in the kneecap, breaking his own toe in the process.

    He followed the kick with a brutal punch to the kidneys, and then after Jock collapsed to the canvas, Lenny continued to punch him until he stopped moving.

    Seeing that Jock was still twitching slightly, Lenny continued to kick his opponent in the face and body until he was dragged off.

    Both of Lenny’s hands were broken "from the force of his punches".

    Lenny had previously travelled up to Scotland to visit his cousin Arthur Thompson and look for a fight.

    In a bid to drum up interest in a potential bout, a pal planted a story in the local papers saying that the fighter had said “all Scots are porridge-guzzling cowards”.

    When questioned about that by Arthur, Lenny clarified that he hadn’t said that but that “all Scots are porridge-guzzling c***s”.

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    After that provocation, a 6’8' heavyweight champion from the Royal Scots Guards turned up to fight the Londoner.

    As they touched fists before the fight Lenny, in a bid to provoke the Scotsman even further, whispered a homophobic slur to his opponent.

    The plan worked and the Scots giant started swinging even before the bell had rung.

    Just more than a minute later, Lenny had knocked the man out cold.

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