Britain’s youngest female killer faces life after fantasising about murder

Britain's youngest female killer – dubbed the Devil's Daughter – faces life behind bars after plotting to kill a fellow inmate.

Sharon Carr, was just 12 when she knifed Katie Rackliff, 18, to death in 1992.

She stabbed Katie 32 times so ferociously cops thought her killer was a man.

Carr was eventually caught and convicted of killing Katie in 1997 and sentenced to life with a 12-year-minimum tariff.

The minimum sentence has long since expired but Carr is considered a "restricted" prisoner and remains in HMP Bronzefield, south-west London.

Now 40, Carr launched a legal challenge against her restricted status, claiming it was approved at a meeting she was not allowed to attend.

But her hopes of release have been dashed after High Court judge Julian Knowles denied permission for her to seek a judicial review.

Citing evidence Carr fantasised about murdering an inmate, Mr Justice Knowles said: "Carr had disclosed thoughts of wanting to murder another resident by splitting her head open with a flask and throwing her down the stairs to snap her neck."

In his judgement, Mr Knowles said he believed the public would be at risk if Carr was moved to softer surroundings.

He said Carr tended to form "intense" relationships with females that would turn "into violent fantasies".

Schoolgirl Carr picked teenage hairdresser Katie at random as she walked home from a nightclub in June 1992.

Two years later, she lashed out again, and attacked another school girl in Camberley, Surrey.

While in a young offender's institute for the knife attack, two nurses overheard her bragging about killing Katie.

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During her time there, she also tried to strangle two nurses, and police were alerted.

Cops arrested Carr and she was convicted of Katie's murder in March 1997.

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