Brits issued grim warning over Spanish ‘bird poo scam’ targeting holidaymakers

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British tourists have been issued a warning over a Spanish "bird poo scam" which is targeting holidaymakers following a surge in bookings.

Brits have been urged to stay vigilant following an increase in the grim trick which is thought to involve a person throwing liquid on the victim's clothing before they pretend to do them a favour, by pointing out the alleged poo.

The perpetrator then offers to help them 'clean up' while they manage to swipe their valuable belongings during the dramatic wipe-down – such as wallets and bank cards.

The alert comes after police in Spain arrested two men aged 54 and 60 in connection with the foul scam last week, reports Dublin Live.

The men were accused of six instances of theft and five cases of fraud, and were caught in Benalmadena – a resort on the Costa del Sol that’s popular with Irish holidaymakers.

It’s understood the pair stole bank cards and money after targeting elderly people and tourists in what’s being dubbed a ‘bird poo scam’.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says Spain has a “moderate” rate of crime and that Irish people should be aware of pickpocketing and muggings.

A post on its website reads: “Most of Spain has a moderate rate of crime. However, given the very high number of holidaymakers that visit Spain, additional security measures are rolled out in public areas at peak times, such as during the summer and at Christmas.

“You should be aware that in areas such as airports, bus stations, railway stations, tourist areas and major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, there is a much higher risk of pickpocketing and muggings.”

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The Department has warned people to not carry their valuable belongings such as money and travel tickets together.

They also urged people to try to avoid using ATMs after dark and to avoid walking around unlit streets and stairways.

The DFA also says Irish people in Spain should be vigilant about petty crime.

A spokesperson said: “Many of the cases we encounter involve stolen passports and credit cards. In metro stations, avoid boarding the train near the exit/entrance to the platform, as this is often where pickpockets position themselves.

“Thieves may work in teams and a person may attempt to distract you so that an accomplice can rob you more easily.”

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