Brits think 26 degrees C is ‘too hot’ for chores like gardening or cooking

Overheated Brits will avoid doing household chores such as gardening, cooking and cleaning the house as soon as the temperature hits 26 degrees C, a study has found.

As the weather heats up, Brits also deem it “too hot” for activities such as doing DIY, driving, blow-drying their hair – and even wearing clothes.

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed that the “perfect” temperature during the British summertime is 22 degrees – while anything below 15 degrees is considered too cold.

But a quarter admitted that while they long for tropical temperatures, they usually moan when these come around.

However, when they are abroad, 30% want it to be at least 26 degrees – with 38% going on holiday to another country purely for the heat.

The study comes as the Met Office has warned of another heatwave this week, with temperatures of 35 degrees expected into the weekend.

Gemma Morgan, from Volvic Touch of Fruit, which commissioned the research and is offering free Tuk-tuk rides around London, said: “Brits have a love-hate relationship with the weather – and summer is no exception.

“With warm sunny weather continuing, we’re bringing Tuk-tuk rides to London this weekend, to help keep Brits cool and take an average summer day beyond your expectations.”

It also emerged men are slightly happier with the heat (55%) than women (47%).

But while nearly half (48%) think it’s typically British to moan about the temperature – whether hot or cold – one in four (24%) argue we should cherish the rare spells of heat.

And 45% make the most of warm temperatures by spending time in green spaces, with nearly a third (31%) saying they dislike being stuck inside.

More than half (55%) have even turned down or cancelled social plans because it was sweltering.

But on the flip side, 39% typically stay indoors out of choice when it’s hot in the UK.

Nearly one in five (19%) think hot weather in this country isn’t enjoyable because their routine doesn’t change – meaning they still have to work, and aren’t able to sunbathe.

The study also found that when they feel too hot, those polled, via OnePoll, typically drink more (35%), wear loose clothing (32%), and put a fan on (30%).

And the go-to food and drinks to tuck into to cool down are water (53%), ice cream (38%), and beer (23%).

Volvic’s Tuk-tuk rides are taking place on the 13th and 14th of August – simply head down to Observation Point in London.


  1. Sleeping
  2. Exercising
  3. Gardening
  4. Going on a walk/run
  5. Cooking/baking
  6. Cleaning
  7. Working outside
  8. Sunbathing
  9. Shopping
  10. Working in an office
  11. Wearing clothes
  12. Drinking a hot drink
  13. Walking barefoot on sand
  14. Cuddling
  15. DIY
  16. Driving
  17. Walking the dog
  18. Tidying
  19. Blow-drying hair
  20. Wearing make-up

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