Brock Lesnar ‘fined $1 million by WWE’ after brutal assault on company official

WWE have fined top star Brock Lesnar a staggering $1 million dollars for his brutal televised attack on company official Adam Pearce.

The Beast unleashed hell on Pearce just over a week ago on WWE SmackDown, feeling angered by his controversial defeat to Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The match had taken place at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia a few days prior and saw Reigns utilise typically underhand tactics to pick up the win against a furious Lesnar.

Seeking vengeance, Lesnar threatened to derail the entire episode of SmackDown before Pearce – who effectively plays the role of on-screen peace-keeper in WWE – tried to intervene.

He paid the price for wanting to restore order, though, as Lesnar turned his rage on him instead, manhandling him and nailing him with his trademark F5 as part of a hard-hitting assault.

While naturally all part of the show's narrative, the beat-down was, in true Lesnar fashion, more than a little realistic.

To hammer home the seriousness of the attack, WWE quickly announced that the former UFC star had been "indefinitely suspended".

This is the logical way of removing Lesnar, who is not a full-time member of the roster, from on-screen action until his next feud begins.

Doubling down on the drama this week, however, the company added even more weight to the punishment by announcing the star had been slapped with a monstrous fine, too.

In a Tweet, WWE confirmed it by saying: "Brock Lesnar has been fined $1 MILLION for his attack on Adam Pearce."

It was, if nothing else, logical storytelling by Vince McMahon's company. Often hitting stars who stray that far out of line with relatively nominal fines, this 'punishment' at least fits with the standing of Lesnar's character and star power.

It is not known as yet when the multi-time former world champion will be back performing or which storyline will be the one to tempt him.

His recent run began with a return at SummerSlam in August, the first time he'd been seen in WWE since WrestleMania in 2020.

He lost the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at that event before going on a lengthy break from the squared circle.

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