Brutal fight breaks out on plane as terrified mum covers her daughter’s eyes

A video shows the carnage that broke out when a pair of men began a furious fistfight in the middle of a passenger plane.

In the clip, a shocked mum covers her daughter's eyes to try and block her view of the violent brawl happening in a row of seats next to them.

Meanwhile, a man standing up in the row with his shirt pulled up rains down blows on another man underneath him.

The man that is standing lands punch after punch on the head of the man still seated in an incident that reportedly took place in the economy class section of the flight.

Although the young girl has her eyes covered by her mother, another little boy is seen watching.

Two other women standing behind the fight reach out to the aggressive man to try and calm him down and stop the fight.

The fight broke out on a China Eastern Airlines flight from Sanya, the capital of south China's Hainan Province, to Pudong Airport in Shanghai on August 14.

It is unclear why the two men were fighting.

A China Eastern Airlines spokesman confirmed the next day that the incident had happened the day before.

He said the fight happened after the plane had landed and passengers were preparing to get off, at which point the airport security team and flight crew stepped in to calm the situation down.

The pair were questioned by police upon landing in Shanghai but released shortly after without being charged after mediation between the two.

This comes after a violent brawl broke out on a flight to Ibiza after some passengers allegedly refused to wear face masks.

In the clip, recorded in August, passengers crowd the narrow walkway on a Boeing-737 while punches are thrown and screams echo down the plane.

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