‘Burger King Killer’ went on school shooting rampage as she didn’t like Mondays

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The 'Burger King Killer' who murdered two adults in a school shooting in 1979 when she was just 16, barricaded herself in her home and only came out when she was bribed with a meal from the fast-food chain.

Brenda Spencer, 59, who was just 16 at the time, remains in prison after waiving her right to parole last year.

The red-headed shooter had a troubled childhood and at the time of the sick crime was living opposite the Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, sleeping on a mattress on the floor with her alcoholic father.

After receiving a gun for Christmas, Brenda opened fire at the school on January 29, 1979, wounding eight children and killing two adults attempting to protect them.

Police were able to move a rubbish truck in front of the school bringing Brenda's 30-shot rampage to an end.

It was at this point the troubled teen barricaded herself in her house and refused to leave.

As the police operation grew, a local reporter cold-called the neighbourhood and amazingly managed to get through to Brenda.

When they asked her why she had shot at the school, Brenda replied: "I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day."

These chilling words would go on to become the inspiration of the Boomtown Rat's song of the same name, which chronicled her shooting.

After the success of the track, Bob Geldof later said he regretted the song as it made Brenda famous.

He revealed that Brenda had actually got in contact with him and thanked him for his efforts.

He said in an interview: "She wrote to me saying 'she was glad she'd done it because I'd made her famous,' which is not a good thing to live with."

After a tense three-hour siege, Brenda would eventually give herself up after she was promised a Burger King meal.

The meal never came for Brenda and she later pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

She was incarcerated in the California Woman's Institute and was repeatedly denied parole when eligible.

Last year when Brenda had the opportunity to apply again she voluntarily waived it.

Her next hearing will occur later this year in September 2022.

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