Burglar broke into house then ate shrimp, had bath and left money to fix window

An armed burglar enjoyed a brief flutter of luxury when he ate shrimp, drank beer and had a bath before apologising to police for breaking and entering.

The home invader left $200 (£147) to fix the window he had broken, and told homeowners he had just needed a warm place to sleep.

Santa Fe Police attended the New Mexico crime scene, where intruder Teral Christesson was found drinking a beer and eating a shrimp.

A man had reportedly entered his home, only to find the 34-year-old burglar in his home with an AR-style rifle, according to court documents filed in Santa Fe County Magistrate Court.

The invader apologised to the homeowner, saying he needed a place to sleep and put $200 on a chair before putting his gun into a duffel bag and quietly leaving.

Christesson is said to have entered the house via a window he had smashed, the New York Post reports.

The homeowner told police that "the male was extremely embarrassed and apologetic about the situation."

When asked why Christesson was in the home, he said that "his family was killed in east Texas and he was running from somebody," saying his car had broken down roughly 100 miles outside of Santa Fe.

The thoughtful home intruder was arrested the next day for attempting to steal a woman's car at gunpoint.

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A criminal complaint revealed that Christesson had allegedly approached the car door of a woman waiting in a fast-food drive-thru queue, where he demanded she get out of the vehicle because he was taking it.

Christesson fled when she began honking the car horn, and he was picked up by police later that day when he was spotted walking down a road.

Christesson says he was "caught in a blizzard" on Sunday and broke into the home out of fear of freezing and that he "felt bad" about breaking the window, but refused to comment on the attempted carjacking.

He was charged with aggravated burglary, larceny and criminal damage to property for the break-in and an aggravated assault charge was added for the attempted carjacking.

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