Cat missing for 10 years is reunited with owner after being found 250 miles away

A cat who vanished 10 years ago has incredibly been reunited with her owner 250 miles away from home.

Donna Gallacher worked tirelessly to find her adored feline Chubbs when she went missing in Dorset back in 2012..

She handed out flyers, put adverts in local papers and regularly updated social media posts – but had pretty much given up hope after a while of ever seeing him again.

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That is until May 2022 when, completely out of the blue, she got a call to say her British shorthair cross had been found alive and well – if a bit bedraggled – 250 miles away in Greater Manchester.

Donna, from Weymouth, had been contacted by a vet in Wigan into whose care the microchipped moggy had come – a moment she described as "overwhelming."

"It hasn’t quite sunk in. It’s just surreal. I’ve been looking for him for 10 years," she said.

"For him to just be reunited with me all of a sudden, it's a lot to take in. He is so happy to be home.

“I pick him up and he just purrs so much. Since he’s realised he’s home and he’s safe, he’s spread out and made himself comfy – he’s loving life."

Donna, a charity volunteer, said she was left distraught when Chubbs suddenly went missing in 2012.

She added: "I put posters up everywhere and flyers through people’s letterboxes, as well as ads in the local paper and posts on social media.

"I continued to keep updating it and sharing it, and I’ve done that for years I'd drive past houses and look in windows, and I'd think, 'Could he be in there'?"

Donna explained that a female passerby had taken Chubbs to the local vet after spotting him wandering into the road outside a school.

It's not known how Chubbs managed to travel so far, who'd been looking after him or how he'd survived for so long.

"He was very, very neglected, flea-ridden and just skin and bone," she said.

"The lady who saw him pulled over and picked him up. No one could believe it when they found out how far away from home he was.

"She then looked him up on Facebook and saw all the messages I’d put on there and realised he'd been really loved and missed."

Now Chubbs is back with her, Donna said she will be making up for the years the pair have lost together.

"He is going to be spoilt rotten and live out his years in peace and comfort," she added.


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