Cat stuck in tree amazes fire crew after rescuing itself by climbing down ladder

A cat stuck in a tree for two days has amazed firefighters by finding its own way down using their fire ladder.

The poor animal became trapped in a 25ft tree on Harcourt Road in Thornton Heath, London on Wednesday (March 3).

A fire crew from Norbury Fire Station were called in to help the RSPCA rescue the black and white feline.

Video taken by one of the crew captures the moment the cat rescues itself and climbs down the ladder without any aid.

The clever moggie gets onto the vertical steps and looks for an escape route before it takes a careful leap to the step below.

Its tiny paw reaches out to the ladder frame to make sure it's sturdy as it makes its way down.

Stunned firefighters stand aside and watch the moggie from a distance.

Station Commander Richard Hamilton, who was at the scene, told MyLondon: “We couldn’t believe it – I’ve been in [the Fire Service] more than 25 years and I’ve never seen a cat do that before.

“The poor cat had apparently been up there more than 48 hours, but seemed fine when it came down – it just ran off without so much as a thank you.

"Firefighters went to the aid of the cat after the RSPCA requested our assistance as they didn’t have the equipment to reach it."

He said in usual circumstances, the team would send a crew member up the ladder to try and retrieve the cat, but they were advised by the RSPCA inspector to stand back.

“The work of a firefighter is varied and involves all sorts of different incidents and we are ready, willing and able to assist distressed or injured animals,” he added.

“The last thing we want is for people to put themselves at risk rescuing an animal themselves – but we do encourage people to call the RSPCA in the first instance and we will assist if our specialist equipment is required, as in this case.”

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