Cat swallowed whole by huge three-metre python – leaving its stomach bulging

A snake catcher has warned of pet owners to keep their cats indoor after witnessing a moggie being swallowed whole by a massive carpet python.

Luke, from Snake Catch Noosa, was called to remove a snake from a home in Kin Kin, Queensland, Australia.

In the clip taken by Luke's helper, a 10ft long reptile with a big bulge in the belly is seen curling up behind a pile of goods at the porch.

Luke says to the camera: "Very unfortunately for the residents, their cat has been taken by this, quite a large carpet python.

"This is a reminder if you want your cats to be 100% safe – away from the main danger of the cars but also from this snake. Let me point the camera down there.

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"It's important to remember an indoor cat is a safe cat."

He then leans over and grabs the snake by its tail, then pulls it over a pile of goods.

"Wow, that's a big snake and that's a massive cat," he says while lifting up the snake.

Luke slides the giant reptile into a black canvas bag and closes the opening before stressing again: "An indoor cat is a safe cat and it keeps our wildlife safe."

Owner Claudia Hamilton thanked Luke for his help and said her cat Jimmy had made a sacrifice.

She commented under the video: "He only killed mice and he loved us I only put him outside because he came from a home of 50 cats and he kept infecting us with ringworm.

"We love nature and our farm shows that. Judge away everyone or show up and be friends with my boy.

"He could have got bitten this morning, Jimmy knows the truth. Bless you all , I know nothing."

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