Charles ‘killing two birds with one stone’ by ‘freezing out’ Harry and Meghan

Prince Charles could be “killing two birds with one stone” in his bid to slim down the monarchy if he is freezing out Prince Harry, it has been claimed.

Harry's supposed rift with the rest of the Royal Family came to fore during his appearance with Meghan Markle in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

He claimed that he had had little communication in recent months with his father during the interview and, upon his UK return for Prince Philip's funeral, it was claimed he realised he had been "frozen out".

But, should the relationship still be frictious, it has been questioned whether isolating Harry could work into Charles' plan to reduce the size of the Firm.

Charles hopes of having a smaller family when he is King have been well documented and the idea of ditching Harry and Meghan would help this happen.

TV reporter Christina Garibaldi on the Royally Us podcast spoke about claims that Charles is still fuming over the Oprah interview.

“There really wasn’t much progress made when Harry was back in the UK for Prince Philip’s funeral and Prince Charles is pretty, pretty mad that this tell-all interview happened," she said.

But Molly Mulshine, a fellow royal watcher, told the podcast that she thinks alienating Harry could work out in the end for Charles.

She said: "Yeah I guess it must have been really hard to even broach the subject when they were dealing with the funeral while Harry was back.

"Of course we all know that Charles is working towards, he wants a slimmed down monarchy and … it seems that this might be killing two birds with one stone right."

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Christina agreed that it "seems like Charles is totally freezing Harry out".

"But on the other hand, Harry kind of froze himself out, he didn’t want to be a part of this any more and so I don’t think that is really going to bother him," she added.

"It’s just he isn’t having this relationship with his father, not the future king, his father."

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