Chilling moment entire city is engulfed by huge sandstorm more than 300ft high

A huge wave of sand rising 100 metres (328ft) high swept through a city in China bringing it to a standstill.

Amazing footage shows the dense cloud of sand engulfing Dunhuang, in the north west of China, last Sunday afternoon (July 25).

The sand caused the city, famed for being on the ancient Silk Road, to go into an orange darkness.

Police reportedly introduced controls at toll gates and told drivers to leave main roads and stop at service stations until the sandstorm had swept away.

Dunhuang has the Mogao Grottoes Unesco World Heritage Site and is situated in the Gobi desert which is known for its harsh climate.

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Neil Schmid posted a video of the sandstorm to Twitter which showed it hovering behind a football stadium.

In response to one person tweeting what people should do in the city another wrote: “Stay at home and close doors and windows, the storm is just passing, three days maximum.”

"That is impressive and scary," someone else wrote underneath the tweet.

It has also been reported that a group of tourists in the city saw their possessions blown away and were forced to huddle against the impact of the storm.

Earlier this year, northern China suffered what was claimed to be the worst sandstorm for a decade which led to travel chaos and hundreds of planes being cancelled.

The National Meteorological Centre said the sandstorm affected Xinjiang in the far north-west to Heilongjiang in the north-east and the eastern city of Tianjin.

"This is the most intense sandstorm weather our country has seen in 10 years, as well as it covering the broadest area," it stated.

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