Colorado election 2021: Denver Post endorsements

Here are The Denver Post editorial board’s recommendations for the Nov. 2, 2021, election. Click on the links to read the full editorials.

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Colorado ballot measures

Amendment 78: Custodial Fund Appropriations Initiative NO
Vote no on Amendment 78 to keep emergency funds flowing

Proposition 119: Creation of Out-of-School Education Program and Marijuana Sales Tax Increase Initiative NO
Vote no on Proposition 119

Proposition 120: Reduce Property Tax Rates and Retain $25 Million in TABOR Surplus Revenue Initiative NO
Set aside spite when considering Proposition 120

Denver ballot measures

Question 2A: Denver Facilities System Bonds YES
Question 2B: Denver Housing and Sheltering System Bonds YES
Question 2C: Denver Transportation and Mobility System Bonds YES
Question 2D: Denver Parks and Recreation System Bonds YES
Question 2E: National Western Campus Facilities System Bonds YES
Ordinance 304: Enough Taxes Already NO
Invest in Denver by supporting 2A-2E and voting “no” on Ordinance 304

Question 2F: Safe and Sound NO
Denverites, please, strike down 2F to support our community’s needs

Ordinance 301: Parks and Open Space NO
Ordinance 302: Conservation Easement NO
Empower Northeast Park Hill residents to demand more at the old golf course

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