Commuter furious as ‘homeless’ couple have sex on the back bus during mid-day

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Commuters were left shocked after a couple who had sex on the back of a bus hit back in defence of their heated romp.

The man and woman were filmed getting down and dirty while travelling on a bus believed to be on Melbourne's 902 Chelsea to Airport West route on the weekend.

In a video clip posted on Facebook, an outraged passenger confronted the brazen lovers as others watched in disgrace.

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He shouted: "Listen brother, you don't f*** on the bus, mate."

But the couple doubled down on their wild romp and screamed that the man was homeless and had autism, reports Daily Mail.

However, the furious traveller slammed their excuse and suggested another place for them to finish off.

He added: 'I don't care if you are f****** homeless don't f*** on the bus c***.

"I don't care if you got autism it doesn't mean f*** on the bus.

"Get the f*** off an go f*** in the park or something.."

The footage stunned users online who commented on the "filthy" act.

One person said: "There's a time and place, don't blame him complaining, nobody wants to see that there are kids that probably on that bus as well, using his autism as an excuse."

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Another commented: "What's autism got to do with being a filthy dog? My child has autism too but he knows not to act like that. More like low IQ from all the ice use."

A third user wrote: "Dude put him in his place rightfully so."

Someone else said they had autism and "never did anything like that in my life."

It has been reported that a person can be hit with a criminal conviction and sentence of up to two years' in prison for wilful or obscene exposure in Australia.

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