Commuter horrified when man on train starts aggressively scratching bum on rail

A bizarre video shows a man in a train rubbing his backside against one of the standing rails.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @mrgxfaun on Tuesday (September 8) the itchy-bummed culprit is aggressively massaging their crack with the pole on New York's subway.

He is wearing beige chinos with a leather belt and a pale shirt – dressed like he is heading to work.

For some reason, he has decided the only way to relieve his discomfort is to stand on his seat, bracing himself with a handle, then rub himself aggressively.

The person filming groans: "It is 7 in the morning. In the morning."

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In the caption, the TikToker added: "He continued to weirdly scratch his butt in his seat."

The video was watched more than one million times and people were just as baffled as the poor woman who witnessed the strange scratch-a-thon.

One person said: "I don't understand couldn't you just use your hand and be discrete about it? What's with the whole PERFORMANCE?"

"And he's wearing his Sunday best," quipped a second person, noting the smart clothing.

Someone else commented: "I just want to know what goes through people's minds when they do things like this."

Other people suggested the man was "in heat" like a female dog, while some suggested it could be worms or piles.

This comes after a rat in a sandwich shop left people feeling sick after it was caught on video "nibbling" one of the sarnies by a horrified woman.

She joked in the caption: "Uh is the rat taking our order or…"

The rat appears to inspect one of the sandwiches in the chiller display and is sniffing it with interest.

It then looks like it might be gnawing or licking the corner – but it is wrapped in plastic.

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