Cops hunt phantom knocker who rings couple’s doorbell every Thursday at 2am

A woman in Gloucester has been left too frightened to sleep as someone repeatedly knocks on her front door in the middle of the night.

Police are hoping to hear more about the disturbing incidents, including one couple's doorbell which rings every Thursday between 2am and 4am, are happening most nights in Stroud, Gloucester.

Officers are asking residents of the Marling Crescent area to let them know if they see anything out of the ordinary during the night, with police releasing an alert to members of the public, reports GloucestershireLive.

A community alert was issued for the notorious knocker, who has reportedly been terrorising local residents with his incessant knocking for the past few months.

The alert reads: "The resident is too frightened to answer the door and too frightened to sleep and hopes that they will just go away.

It also said: "We are seeking information from residents who might see anyone which is out of the ordinary and acting suspicious, a description, direction of travel and if they are using a car."

Commenting on the latest incident, a Gloucestershire police spokesperson said: "A member of the public approached their local Neighbourhood Engagement Vehicle and reported that an unknown man had been ringing their doorbell in the middle of the night."

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The phantom knocker has been making residents of the street uncomfortable for some time, and police are ramping up efforts to catch the mystery man.

The police statement continued: "They reported that these incidents have gone on at their home address at London Road, Stroud, for a number of months and sometimes multiple times in one night.

"If anyone recognises this man or has any information please contact police on 101 or by completing the online form and quoting incident number 484 of 13 January".

CCTV footage of the man, who knocks on doors repeatedly on Thursday nights, has been shared by police.

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