Coronavirus shock: Cured Chinese patients reveal chilling reality of ‘deadly virus’

With a rising death toll and a growing number of confirmed cases, the fear over coronavirus has escalated. However, first hand accounts confirm the deadly virus can be beaten. CNN spoke to two recovering coronavirus patients who described what it was like to go through the struggles and scares over the virus.

A 21-year-old university student who asked to be called Tiger Yee, said he was attending language courses at a school in early January near the Wuhan seafood market.

This area is now believed to be ground zero of the virus.

He started feeling sore and sick to his stomach in mid-January.

He said: “I fetched my result. It was positive so I’ve been treated.”

Initially, he tried treating it with cold medicine, but with each passing day, it got worse.

“My dad realised that maybe something wrong has happened. He urged me to get back home immediately.”

Mr Yee then started running a fever and decided to got to the hospital.

He described what he saw: “It was a real mess. A lot of people, nurses and doctors in the fever clinic.”

He eventually found a less crowded hospital willing to test him.

His positive diagnosis gave him quick access to antiviral drugs, which he said proved effective. Within a week, he said he was already feeling better.

A 31-year-old Wuhan engineer also described his initial diagnosis.

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He told CNN: “I was scared and fearful, having contracted this disease.”

He revealed that getting tested took days because of scarce hospital testing resources.

When his case was finally confirmed and he was admitted for treatment, he felt confident that he could battle through the illness.

“I think for the young and the strong, the disease is more like a heavy cold. Only that it is highly contagious so it causes panic.”

Both men are currently in Government-monitored hotel quarantines, getting tested regularly to make sure the illness does not return.

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