Coronavirus tests not as daunting as they seem, Saskatchewan Health Authority employees say

Getting tested for COVID-19 is a quick process, according to Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) employees. They’re encouraging people in the province to take a test.

The SHA started offering more tests to people in Saskatchewan. More than 4,000 residents have called 811 inquiring about testing since May 25, which is about a 60 per cent jump.

It isn’t a comfortable experience, but patients get a run-through of the process before they arrive at the testing clinic.

When you arrive at the site, a health-care worker will escort you in from your vehicle and provide you with a mask.

Nasopharyngeal swabs and throat swabs are the two types of testing methods.

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“What we find in the lab is that as long as the tests are taken appropriately, both the nasopharyngeal swab and throat swab perform just as well to detect COVID-19,” public health acting provincial clinical lead Dr. Jessica Minion said.

It’s a relatively painless process.

“I had the nasal swab as well as the throat swab and it’s a little bit uncomfortable. You can feel it but I wouldn’t ever say it’s painful,” SHA employee Tracy Sanden said about being tested.

“My eyes watered a little bit, but they graciously passed the Kleenex over. I could dab my eyes and it was a really quick process.”

Sanden also said testing sites are safe and patients don’t need to worry about contracting the novel coronavirus while being tested.

Results are shared with patients between 24 to 72 hours after being tested.

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