Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Police map out checkpoints ahead of move to alert level 3

Police are preparing five checkpoints around the Auckland region head of the alert level move at 11.59pm tonight.

From 11.59pm tonight, areas south of Auckland will move to alert level 3. WhileAuckland and Northland will remain at alert level 4.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said the checkpoints are in place to stop motorists and ensure their travel is essential.

Police intend to have all checkpoints operating by 11pm.

Police will set up southern checkpoints in the following locations:

• SH1/Mercer off ramp – southbound traffic.
• SH1/Oram Rd – northbound traffic.
• Mangatawhiri Rd/SH2.
• East Coast Rd – Waharau Regional Park.
• 5. SH22/Pukekawa-Churchill Rd and Logan Rd.

Just like past checkpoints and at the request of the community, Port Waikato has been included in the Auckland border.

This ensures residents in the region are not cut off from essential services close to their homes.

“Anyone attempting to travel across the regional boundaries separating alert level 4 and alert level 3 areas, should expect to be stopped and asked for proof of essential travel,” he said.

Although Northland remains at alert level 4, Police continue to operate three checkpoints in the region.

Those locations are:

•SH1 intersection with SH12
• Mountain Road, Kaiwaka
• Cove Rd, by Bream Tail Rd

Coster said Police are anticipating delays during peak times and are warning motorists to be prepared and be patient.

While majority of the country will move down an alert level, Coaster is asking the public to continue to limit movement.

If Northland does move alert levels on Thursday night, Police will have five different checkpoints set up in the region.

Those locations are:

• SH1/Mangawhai Rd (Twin Coast Discovery Highway)
• Mangawhai Rd north of Coal Hill Rd
• Black Swamp, west of Rako Rd
• Mangawhai Rd and Cames Rd
• Mangawhai Rd and Ryan Rd
Note:Mangawhai Rd also known as Twin Coast Discovery Highway

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