COVID-19: Ontario couple on quarantined Diamond Princess say days are ‘long and boring’

An Ontario couple confined to their room for almost two weeks on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship say they just want to come home.

Greg Yerex, 68, and Rose Yerex, 66, of Port Dover, Ont. told Global News Sunday night that they haven’t received details from the federal government since it announced a plan to evacuate the 255 Canadians on board the cruise ship currently stationed in the port of Yokohama, near Tokyo.

“The first email came through saying they were scheduled to depart Tuesday,” Rose said in a Skype interview with Global News. 

“And then we got another email coming through that ‘Oops sorry, date and time to be confirmed.’”

“We haven’t heard anything since.

The emails, which were seen by Global News, say Canadians showing symptoms will not be allowed to board the chartered plane, and that once they touch down in Canada they will be quarantined at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton for 14 days — which was also required for the Canadians evacuated from Wuhan earlier this month.

Confined to their room on the ship and on what they determined to be the thirteenth day of their quarantine period, they say they receive food from “gowned and gloved attendants” and pass the time chatting with people online, by reading or doing puzzles, or by wandering onto their balcony to chat with their friend in the room above them.

“But it’s very little contact of any type,” Greg said.

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