Covid-hit bloke warns even faintest of lines on tests means you have coronavirus

People who take lateral flow tests to detect coronavirus have been told to double-check their results in a fresh warning from Australia.

A man who had carried out a test in Victoria , where they are called Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs), took to a local Facebook group named Covid Pete to share his results and a note of caution.

Lad Bible reports that the man’s test showed an almost imperceptible faint line on the test.

This rather than being a sign the test was negative was actually proof of the opposite, he argued, citing the fact he had developed symptoms before the test.

He also received a positive PCR result after his RAT.

He explained his odd situation in Covid Pete.

He said: “Thought I'd share my original rat test with you all.

"When I started having symptoms, and others who were around me starting testing positive with their RAT test, I decided to do mine.

"As you can see, the second line of mine is very faint. You must take that second faint line as a positive test.

"It was confirmed a few days later that I was positive via PCR.

"So, if you see the faintest of lines, please be aware and cautious of your surroundings."

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The man’s findings have also been backed up by medical professionals including local Covid-19 testing facility overseer Dr Sally Shaw.

Speaking to Australian news service 3AW she said: "We need to assume that if there's a faint line it's positive," she said.

"It only becomes pigmented – it only goes into that colour – if there's DNA in there."

"If it's negative the next day, then you can say 'all right, you're free to go'. But with any symptoms, the faintest line is positive."

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