Dad of six killed in freak skiing accident after ‘being blinded by snow machine’

A father of six was killed in a freak skiing accident after his goggles got covered in fake snow and blinded him as he crashed into a snowbank.

Lee Draper, 55, was at the Brighton Ski Resort in Utah on Wednesday morning when he suffered a serious brain injury which ultimately cost him his life.

His children said their father’s two biggest loves in life were the outdoors and his kids, who range in age from 18 to 38, reports the Daily Mail.

'He was the greatest man I knew and the world had lost something great by his passing,' Lee's oldest son Tom Draper said.

'He would give almost anything for anyone around him and that he would give everything for his family,' said the 38-year-old son.

'He was everything,' he added.

With Draper being such a keen skier, it was no secret that he was very fit and healthy. Draper’s children insist this is so he could keep up with them and allow them to do everything they could want together, no matter the age difference.

His youngest son Moses was there with him that day as they went down Majestic Run at the Brighton Resort, about 30 miles Southeast of Salt Lake City, and is said to have almost crashed as well due to blocked vision with a snowblower, but luckily escaped harm. However, his father was not so lucky.

"I tried checking for a pulse, but my hands were so cold it was kind of hard to feel," Moses said.

It is sadly reported that Draper had intended to pull out of the skiing trip earlier that week, but decided against it, so he could spend more time with his children.

'He called me at 6:30 and said we are going skiing and I was so excited,' Moses said tearfully.

The well wishes and grief did not stop there. Draper’s two daughters, Shelby and Jacey, also said that their father’s greatest accomplishment in life was being a dad.

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'I think that he would hope that we would all wake up in the morning and go fishing or go on an adventure and not let this hold us back,' said Draper's youngest daughter, Shelby Heier.

'I hope people still catch me in the street and be like you are a Draper kid we love your mom and dad so much we are so lucky to have them,' Lee’s oldest daughter, Jacey Humphreys, added.

Draper leaves behind is wife, five siblings and his six children. The family live North of Salt Lake City.

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