Defiant Ukrainian bravely waves two massive flags in front of Russian tanks

A defiant Ukrainian citizen has been spotted waving two huge flags in front of Russian tanks.

The brave civilian was seen in a town square flying two huge Ukrainian flags right in front of rows of Russian military personnel with tanks and rifles.

The near-deserted square was the stage for a one-man protest as the brave Ukrainian flew the two flags in defiance of the recently invading Russian forces, almost a week after the invasion of Ukraine.

But the brave bloke, who set out flying the flags in Kherson, Ukraine, was surrounded by Russian tanks and forces who had recently invaded the country.

The protest took place under the walls of Kherson Regional State Administration, Pravda reports.

The Ukrainian news site also said that journalists had reported "Russian military equipment" near the regional state administration building.

They also said that the nearby railway station and seaport are "under Russian control".

Brave protests and offers of support to Ukrainian soldiers fighting against Russia's invasion have been voiced by a number of people, including those in capital city Kyiv.

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Daily Star reported that a Ukrainian Playboy "playmate" issued several messages of support to the Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the frontlines.

Dasha Astafieva said she was making content from a "bunker" and issued several statements in support of Ukrainian soldiers on her Instagram.

Other reports showed that Ukrainian government officials had asked for civilians to make their own weapons and Molotov cocktails.

Raisa Smatko was one person making their own weapons, in defiance of the "Russian sh***" invading her homeland.

The grandmother said she was making her own Molotov cocktails at home.

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