Denver Sheriff Department warns of phone scam featuring deputy impersonators

Perpetrators of a current phone scam have found a way to defraud victims by calling themselves Denver Sheriff Department members, authorities warn.

“The impersonator in the most recent cases is using real names and ranks of current DSD sworn personnel,” the sheriff department said Friday in a news release.

The phone scam unfolds with the perp telling victims that they had failed to appear in court after a subpoena was issued, resulting in a fine. The perp instructs victims to pay with a money order via Venmo or CashApp, or they’ll face arrest. The ploy also includes bogus instructions for victims not to speak about the case because there’s a judge-issued gag order. The scam demands a signature and a “signature verification fee” from the victim.

“A Denver Deputy Sheriff will never request payment for not appearing in court, nor make contact by phone,” the sheriff’s department said. “A Deputy Sheriff would never suggest a member of the public meet someone on the street to pay cash or send money via Venmo or CashApp for not appearing in court. We encourage the community to be aware of these recent fraudulent activities and alert family members and friends.”

People who receive such scam calls are urged to contact their local police department and to use an online link through the Colorado State Attorney General’s Office to report and to help stop fraud. Reports can also be made to the Denver District Attorney’s Office fraud hotline at 720-913-9179.

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