Devastated cat leaps height of front door to look for owner who had just left

A cat has warmed hearts over social media after one of his owners captured what happened after his partner had left home.

US-based Reddit user McThunderClap posted the clip on a sub group to show how much his cat had been missing his mum.

In the clip upvoted more than 15,000 times, the black and white feline stands on a mat and meows at the door as if he is looking for his mum.

A man can be heard giggling behind the camera when the pet suddenly jumps and clings onto the tiny window ledge at the top of the entrance.

The feline appears to be looking for his mum who is currently "out of town".

He holds onto it for as long as he can until he feels tired and lands back onto the mat.

The man says: "Kitty!" The clip ends with the lovely moggie looking up and answering at the cameraman.

Viewers welled up as some said the cat searching for his owner was "heartbreaking".

One said: "Now I need to see part two: mama’s home!"

Another wrote: "Aww poor baby, give him a hug!"

Some suggested that the cat might be suffering separation anxiety – a common behaviour when the pet is left alone or separated from their guardian.

"My kitty is a super codependent, she will stare out the window and cry for a while after we leave the house according to other housemates and guests," a viewer commented.

It is not the only time cats’ actions while their owners have been out of the house have pulled at the heart-strings.

A cat owner posted a video showing his girlfriend's cat crying "like a baby" when no home is at home.

A woman from Sweden vowed she'll "never leave her cat alone again" after seeing her pet waiting for her to return at the hallway from a pet camera.

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