Devastated couple horrified by ‘disaster’ £500 hotel room ‘not fit for humans’

A holidaymaking couple have been left devastated by their "disaster" trip to Skegness, citing several issues with the hotel room they reserved for their five-day stay.

Glenys and Graham Launders' trip to the Lincolnshire-based seaside town turned into a holiday from hell when they stayed in a hotel room they claim "wasn't fit for humans".

The Launders couple splashed out £545 on their "fusty" hotel room which they say had a smell seeping out of the door as soon as it was opened up.

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Mrs Launders also complained of the on-site staff who she labelled "nasty" after the couple's horror stay at the Skegness-based property.

Speaking to NottinghamshireLive, Mrs Launders said that after she and her disabled husband managed to get to the door of the hotel room, up two flights of stairs, the smell "just hit you straight away".

She continued: "It was a very fusty and dirty smell and it was as if the room hadn't been touched in years. We started unpacking and I had to actually clean the fridge in the room myself before I put anything in there.

"It wasn't until the Saturday morning that I actually managed to see someone at reception.

"I showed her pictures of everything, including the toaster which was filthy, and when I asked if she would make toast in it, she said that she wouldn't."

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The horror holiday got even worse from there, with "no offer of a new toaster or for the room to be properly cleaned," leaving Launders "in tears" because of "how bad the room was".

At the very least, Launders was told a refund would be sorted for the pair, but on leaving the property a day early, the hotel staff had "changed their tune".

Mrs Launders added: "I asked the woman at reception if she wanted my card and she told me 'no' and to sort it out with who we had booked it through.

"I found her nasty and the whole thing just spoiled our holiday."

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