Disgust at sick anti-English graffiti scrawled on side of bright pink Welsh pub

The owners of a South Wales pub vandals sprayed “leave, English, or die” on say they're worried because they don't know “how far these people will go”.

The chilling message graffitied on The Cottage Inn in Llandeilo has been described as "shocking" by many locals. The owners shared the photo with the caption: "What can I say? The words say it all."

After posting the photo they were overcome with messages of support from locals who said the message does not reflect the views of the community at large.

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In response, the owners told WalesOnline they were "fine but the words are scary and not knowing how far these people will go". They added they were "a little on edge at present".

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As well as messages of support the owners were also offered help to paint over the graffiti but while they were thankful they said the police and landlord would need to see it first.

One person commented their messages of support having recently moved from England.

They said: "So disgusted seeing this and being new to the area ourselves from England, this makes me very worried by the complete hatred in the area shown to a couple who are just trying to help the community and run a business. This is a death threat and should be taken seriously by the police!! Hope they get caught and named."

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Another said: "Absolutely disgusting why anyone would write this on our local pub. Someone obviously has too much time on their hands. Would love to see them get caught and see them on their hands and knees scrubbing the wall."

Several commented to reassure the owners the message did not reflect the community.

One said: "This has made me sad and angry. I am so sorry. This does not reflect our beautiful homeland and kind, caring, sharing people."

This isn't the first time the pub has been targeted. In July this year owners shared that their sign had been stolen, costing them £98 to fix and replace.


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