‘Distraught’ Prince Charles was ‘isolated in his own grief’ at Philip’s funeral

Millions across the world joined the Royal Family to mourn the Duke of Edinburgh who was laid to rest yesterday.

The Queen, who sat alone in St George's Chapel, as well as Prince William and Harry and other royals, attended the service to say goodbye to Prince Philip.

The 99-year-old duke passed away on Friday, April 9, and the Royal Family were 'surprised' at how hard his death hit them, a body language expert has claimed.

Judi James said they have 'never appeared so emotional' than at his funeral which took place on Saturday.

She said the monarch, who turns 95 next week, looked "vulnerable and frail" as she arrived behind the walking procession.

However, she was "the most animated royal", Ms James said, by chatting to the bishop when she arrived.

She added: “She was still in control of the day to a certain extent but there was a moment in the car on the way there when you could see her dabbing her eyes so she was clearly quite tearful.”

The expert continued that Prince Charles, the next in line to the throne, became "isolated in his own grief" after attempting to be 'stoic' during the coffin procession.

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“He’s never shown much emotion but he did look genuinely distraught,” she said.

“After the procession, it was downhill all the way for him – his eyes got very red and damp as he followed the coffin, but by the time he got to the church he was visibly in tears.”

Moving to William and Prince Harry, who were seen chatting as they left the chapel, Ms James was left surprised.

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“You could see him pulling his jacket or his waistcoat down and then when he got into the chapel he did a shoulder roll which is usually a sign that someone is bracing themselves and trying to make themselves feel more confident,” Judi said of Harry, adding he had shown signs of anxiety.

William on the other hand, kept his 'head down' a lot during the service as he sat next to his wife Kate Middleton, reports the Evening Standard.

As the world bid farewell to the Prince, a wreath of white flowers were placed on top of his coffin with a handwritten note by the Queen.

The note read 'in loving memory' and it's believed she signed it with 'Lilibert' her pet nickname which Philip used to call her.

The monarch will now alone, without the Duke by her side, for the first time in her long reign.

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