Dog that absolutely hates water leaves owner in stitches by ‘jabbing’ bubbles

An adorable dog has left her owner creasing when she started jabbing the sea water on a beach.

Hana, a six-year-old Shiba Inu, realised she was not a big fan of water when owner Nomura Yasuko took her to Kitahama beach in Naka-gun of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan.

To overcome her fear, Hana shifted her focus to play with the bubbles on the water and was determined to "make them disappear".

In a video posted on Instagram @hana_ga_saku, the canine is working on her tactics to stop the water travelling further inland as she makes her first strike at the slow-flowing water on the beach.

Hana stares at the white bubbles and pounces on it, jabbing it with her tiny paws.

But as the waves hit the beach, more bubbles appear and reach to Hana. She runs away and returns with a strategy – digging a hole to gather the bubbles.

The tiny pooch traps all the bubbles in a puddle and goes on a frenzy attack to hit the bubbles.

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When the bubbles disappear, Hana dips her head into the puddle trying to find it.

Yasuko can be heard calling her name and cackles at her pet's reaction.

Yasuko, 49, told Daily Star in an interview: "Hana was trying to smash the bubbles made by the waves. But she can't see the splashes anymore and just keeps looking for them.

"She doesn't like water, but she doesn't mind it when she found a new game to play.

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"This is the first time I saw Hana behaving like this."

Viewers were in stitches when they watched the clip as some said the "cute" pooch got her nose covered in sand.

"Bubble crushers, Hana you've come a long way," one said. "You used to run away when the waves came."

Another was impressed by Hana's skills, adding: "You are so good at digging holes!"

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