Dog that disappeared in 2010 turns up at vets 30 minutes away from family’s home

A Brit family were left devastated when their puppy went missing are 'thrilled' to have been finally reunited with her more than 11 years later.

The Covell family, from Dorset, were inconsolable when their three-month-year old Jack Russel went missing from their garden over a decade ago in 2010.

The family spent weeks looking for their new puppy, named Crumpet, but eventually had to give up hope that they would ever see her again.

But in an unbelievable turn of events over eleven years later, the family were reunited with Crumpet after they received a phone call from a vet a 30-minute drive away.

Sarah, her husband and two daughters Elektra and Tallulah – who are now aged 18 and 20 – say they are "thrilled" they get to spend time with their pup that went missing so long ago.

Mrs Covell, from Buckland Newton, said: "I got a phone call from an emergency vets in Bournemouth to say that they had found my dog and my first thought was that one of my three terriers had managed to get out.

"Then when she said they had looked at the microchip and her name was Crumpet I couldn't believe it.

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"I was on my bike at the time and I nearly fell off, I was so shocked. I had given up on hoping she would come back and thought she was lost forever. It's so lovely that she has come home."

To this day, the Covell family are unaware if their beloved Crumpet managed to escape from their garden or was stolen.

The owners were saddened to hear that Crumpet suffers with a heart murmur and is completely deaf due to tumours in her ears.

Sadly, an operation last week to remove one of the tumours did not help to bring back the dog's hearing.

"It seems that someone might have taken her and then, when they thought she would be expensive with vet bills, just dumped her," Mrs Covell said.

She continued: "We will spend the summer getting her back to health and taking care of her all together as a family.

"It is the most lovely thing that she has come home – she is such a sweetheart and seems so happy to be around us all, and the girls are thrilled that they get to spend time with her.

"It's such a shame that we have missed the best years of her life but hopefully we will have some more with her."

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