Dog that loves yoga performs stretches on mat leaving viewers amazed

A lovely dog has motivated his followers to get active again thanks to his stretching routine on a yoga mat.

Vegas, a Pomeranian from Turkey, pulls the cutest of faces when practising his moves on the mat every day.

In a video seen more than 1 million times, the cute white and yellow fluff ball stands on a black yoga mat and kicks out his hind legs, switching from left to right.

He even manages to do a "downward dog" while craning his neck upward and downward.

The pooch, who has 729,000 followers on TikTok, works on his charming look by sticking his tongue out during the routine.

It appears that his kick is done with intention like a lengthy stretch.

His owner wrote in the post: "The perfect yoga partner. Doing yoga and stretching are my daily routine that make me more flexible."

Dog lovers and yoga fanatics were impressed by the moves and commented if Vegas does any yoga classes.

One said: "His yoga poses are better than mine."

Another wrote: "Does he have classes? Can he teach my dog to do yoga please?"

"I swear I saw a perfect downward facing dog!" a third added. "I need to join that class!"

In fact, dogs do practise yoga and the moves are often referred as "Doga".

It provides similar benefits as to humans doing yoga – improving the pooch's flexibility and range of motions.

The stretching exercise can also prevent arthritis and joint injuries as the pet ages.

Injured dogs and dogs with hip dysplasia may also find pain relief from the stretching.

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