Dog turns ‘orange’ on beach walk due to dangerous debris that can kill pets

Pet owners have been warned of a mysterious piece of debris that left one pooch bright orange after the pooch's owner took them out for a walk.

Ian Carmichael's dog had rubbed itself all over the strange orange piece, believed to have been left over from a ship.

The dog owner is now warning others in the Treardurr Bay, Wales area of the potential dangers of the palm oil that may be resting on the piece of debris, after concerns that the berg could be fatal to pets, LiverpoolEcho reported.

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Carmichael made the discovery on Boxing Day, and another piece of mysterious debris was shared to Twitter on New Year's Eve.

Carmichael urged others to take care, saying: "No idea what this is washed up on Porth-y-post beach this morning – but the dog ran straight to it and rubbed herself on it leaving her bright orange! Dog walkers beware!"

But an expert has since urged people to keep their pets away from the debris, which could be coated with palm oil and may be very dangerous to dogs.

Anglesey Sea Zoo director Frankie Horbo confirmed the palm oil discovery and spoke of the dangers pets may face.

Horbo said: "This is a palm oil berg and it is common for large numbers of them to be washed up on beaches in the same area at the same time as they are produced by a ship washing out its ballast tank.

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"The resulting oil bergs get carried off to shore and wash up on beaches, so large numbers of these could appear anywhere along the north Wales coast over the next week or so.

"Palm oil is a useful cleaning agent so it is used by large ships to clean out their fuel tanks at sea.

"Unbelievably it is perfectly legal for ships to dump palm oil into the ocean when they swill out their holds anywhere in the world, as long as they are at least 12 miles offshore.

"Due to their high bacterial loading and smell dogs find them extremely interesting and are immediately attracted to them, which is what happened to the dog owner who posted this photograph."

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