Donald Trump warns economy will CRASH ‘like never before’ if he loses election

Speaking in New Delhi during his India trip on Tuesday, the President insisted his victory is essential to the US economy. Mr Trump has made the economy central to his re-election push this November and also criticised the Democrats for not having any “inspirational” candidate.

He said: “If I don’t win, you’re going to see a crash like you’ve never seen before.

“When we win, I think the market’s going to go up like a rocket ship.”

Although Mr Trump was bullish about the state of the economy, the Dow Jones dropped 1,000 points on Monday.

The drop was the worst in two years amid fears of the spike in cases of coronavirus.

Mr Trump did warn, however, the market is only volatile due to the election.

He added: “If the wrong person gets elected everything will come to a halt.”

Mr Trump also added the economy “is being held back because we have an election coming up” as he hit out at the Democrat nominees.

The candidates will debate in South Carolina, days before the state votes for the party nominee.

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As it stands, Bernie Sanders is considered the frontrunner to take the nomination and has identified himself as a “democratic socialist”.

Mr Sanders has won the primary contests in New Hampshire and Nevada and was labelled as the toughest candidate by Mr Trump.

He said: “I actually think he would be tougher than most of the other candidates because he is like me but I have a much bigger base.

“But they’re going to take it away from Crazy Bernie.

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“They are not going to let him win.”

Before the election in November, the candidates will conduct a series of primary and caucus debates across the country.

On March 3, voting takes place for Super Tuesday whereby 14 states will choose their preferred candidate.

The Democratic National Convention will be held on July 13, where the party will officially announce who will take on Mr Trump.

Amid reports of Russian attempts to aid Mr Sanders’ campaign, he warned any foreign actors interfering in his electoral hopes to “stay out of American election”.

He also labelled Russian President, Vladimir Putin, as an “autocratic thug”.

He added: “Let’s be clear, the Russians want to undermine American democracy by dividing us up and, unlike the current president, I stand firmly against their efforts and any other foreign power that wants to interfere in our election.”

In response to the allegation, the Kremlin denied any accusations of interference in the election.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov labelled them as “paranoid announcements” that had “nothing to do with the truth”.

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