Donald Trump’s rigorous plan to get US in shape for COVID 19 peak revealed

US president Donald Trump said at least 10 US companies were now making vantilators and and some might even be exported. Speaking at Monday’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing at the White House, Mr Trump announced the plans.

He said: “We have now 10 companies at least making the ventilators, and we say go ahead because, honestly, other countries – they’ll never be able to do it.”

When asked whether there would be enough ventilators for all patients in the US who needed them during a predicted peak in infections in two weeks’ time, Mr Trump responded confidently.

He said: “I think we going to be in a very good shape.”

The virus can cause severe respiratory issues as it attacks the lungs.

Ventilators are an important resource at this time as they help keep patients breathing.

He also said more than a million Americans had been tested for the virus, “more than any other country by far.

“Not even close”.

However, Mr Trump reportedly accused a reporter of negativity after they pointed out that South Korea had tested proportionally more people when measured by population size.

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The President then added that he should be congratulated on his administration’s progress in fighting the virus.

The President also reportedly said that items including face masks were being stolen from hospitals.

Earlier on Sunday, Mr Trump accused hospitals in some states of “hoarding” ventilators, face masks and other critical medical supplies.

“We do have a problem with hoarding… including ventilators. Hospitals need to release them – in some cases they have too many, they have to release medical supplies and equipment,” he said.

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Hospitals “can’t hold [ventilators] if they think there might be a problem weeks down the road”, he said, alleging that some were “stocked up”.

Once again he repeated these claims.

Mr Trump said “challenging times are ahead for the next 30 days”, but that social distancing could save more than a million American lives.

“We will have a great victory,” he added.

When asked by a CNN correspondent whether his previous comments downplaying the threat of the outbreak were wrong, the president responded that they were “all true”.

“I don’t want panic in the country. I could cause panic much better than even you,” he told the reporter.

“The economy is number two on my list, we’re going to save a lot of lives,” he insisted.

The news comes after the University of Washington School Of Medicine released a model predicting more than 2,000 Americans will die on April 15.

Analysis from the college’s modelling shows that deaths are predicted to rise to 2,271 before decreasing slowly afterwards.

Deaths are predicted to drop to less than 100 after June 9.

The model uses data from governments, hospitals and other sources.

It predicts America’s deadliest day will come after two weeks of gradual viral spread.

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