Drink spikers warned they will be ‘battered’ by a pub landlord

A landlord at a UK pub has warned that anyone caught spiking drinks will “get battered” after a nationwide rise in spiking cases in recent months.

The warning was put on a light up display in the window of the Crown Inn on Rochdale Road, Middleton, Manchester, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Landlord Kallum Nolan told the MEN that hopes the new addition, as well as providing glass covers, “will help make customers feel safe”.

He said: “I think we live in a very strange world at the moment.

“In the wake of the rise in spiking – also on the backdrop of the Sarah Everard tragedy – the impetus has to be on us blokes to make women feel safe.

“The Crown is predominantly a football pub, it’s the home of Middleton’s United Supporters Club, etc.

“But since we took over in August, we’ve had a young crowd and a great weekend vibe – so it’s important that everyone feels safe and welcome in our boozer.

“Yes, it’s a ‘blokey’ pub, but it’s full of blokes that will protect women – and that’s the message we’ve tried to convey with our sign and free drinks protectors.

“All pubs and clubs should be striving to make women feel safe and that’s all we’re trying to do at The Crown.”

The sign comes just a week after an initiative called Girls Night In, took off in Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Bournemouth – with local venues reporting a drop in young people attending.

It saw women boycott nightclubs.

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The group, which continues to protest every week, are speaking out against the shocking rise in reported drink spiking and the new horrific trend of people being injected with a mystery drug – via a needle.

Around 170,000 signatures have been added to a petition calling for more stringent checks upon entry to clubs and bars, and campaigners also want clubs to “enforce specialist training for bar staff, hand out covers for drinks and employ welfare officers to help revellers get home safely".

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