Driver found dead in car towed by police almost 12 hours after motorway crash

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The body of a driver in an motoring accident was found in the wreckage of his car, 12 hours after the incident occurred.

The white car with Bangkok licence plates had hit a concrete barrier on a motorway in Si Racha district of Chon Buri province of Thailand on Tuesday morning before the wrecked car was towed away to the police vehicle pound.

According to emergency responders, they saw no sign of the driver in their examination of the wreckage and thought he may have been taken to hospital before they had arrived at the scene.

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Once the car was towed to the pound, a police officer examined the car that evening when he was in for the shock of his life, as he found the body of Phattarachai Atthaporn, 68, still in the driver's seat as he suffered severe neck injuries and broken bones and had been dead several hours, according to Thai media.

Pol Lt Col Ratthaphon Wanna, deputy superintendent of highway police station 1, had asked the rescue team to tow the wreckage of the car to the vehicle pound for storage until the owner's relatives contacted them, he said.

However, no relative had showed up by dusk and the superintendent went to check certain documents he had hoped to find in the car.

But, instead of documents, the chief found a dead man in the driver's seat, 12 hours after the crash was reported at 7am.

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Once he found the body, he contacted Si Racha police station.

After news of the crash found itself on social media, the rescue team were subject to much criticism for not doing their job diligently enough.

Pol Maj Gen Ekkarat Limsangkard, commander of Highway Police Division, had confirmed an investigation was to be launched into how the blunder was able to happen and why.


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