‘Drug dealing’ influencer ‘Kitty Of Crackland’ begs to care for baby at home

A 'drug dealing' influencer says she cannot leave home as her nine-month-old daughter needs her.

Lorraine Cutier Bauer Romeiro, 19, from Brazil was found with a backpack stashed with pills and sachets but denies police charges of trafficking illegal substances.

The teenage mum who has 58,000 followers on Instagram claims she wanted drugs for her own use.

But as evidence mounts up against the 'Kitty of Crackland', her legal team has asked that she is placed under house arrest instead of locked up in custody so she can care for her daughter.

The request was put through to the court on Monday August 2.

Lawyer Jose Almir cited the Brazilian penal code, stating: "Pre-trial detention imposed on pregnant women or those who are mothers or responsible for children or people with disabilities will be replaced by house arrest."

The lawyer told news site G1: "She has a 9-month-old daughter who needs her. If the judge does not answer, we will file a petition for habeas corpus before the Court of Justice."

Lorraine has been in preventive custody since July 22. She and her boyfriend Andre Luis Santos Almeida – nicknamed 'Japones' ('Japanese') – stand accused of drug trafficking.

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The two were arrested as part of an undercover police operation targeting drug dealers in Cracolandia (Crackland) – the popular name for a central area of the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo known for its high incidence of drug dealing and public drug use.

Lorraine and Andre were two of at least 15 suspects who the police identified and arrested.

Lorraine subsequently hit headlines for her unlikely profile for an alleged drug lord – she is a pretty 19-year-old law student and influencer with a 58,000-strong following on Instagram.

Jose Almir has denied his client is a drug dealer, claiming that she merely went to Cracolandia to seek drugs.

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The police disagree, having filmed her selling drugs at Cracolandia at one of its infamous 'booths' during their undercover investigations.

Furthermore, when they arrested her at Andre's house in the city of Barueri in the Greater Sao Paulo region, they found with her a rucksack containing 85 portions of cannabis, 295 sachets of cocaine, eight sachets of crack, 97 bottles of chloroethane and 16 ecstasy pills valued at £1,168, and say she admitted to possessing the drugs with intent to supply.

The police say the life of luxury she flaunted on social media was funded by her drug dealing, which earned her and Andre up to an alleged £824 a day, according to news site R7.

The investigation into the pair is ongoing, and it has not yet been reported whether the petition for house arrest has been granted.

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